Winter Hanging Baskets

Winter Hanging Baskets for sale including Spring Bulbs.

The days are getting shorter and the temperature is getting colder! There have been a few frosts recently too. The garden is starting to look a little dull. Maybe it is time for some Winter Hanging Baskets?

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If your Summer Hanging Basket is towards the end of its life why not replace it with one of our colorful, Winter Hanging Baskets? We have many designs available to choose from and all of them include Spring bulbs which will add a final burst of colour to your garden before the Summer Hanging Baskets are available.
Our stunning baskets go on sale in autumn and include winter hardy flower varieties such as pansies, cyclamen, violas, Bellis etc. These plants should tolerate even very cold winters. Each basket is grown here at our farm in Chalfont St Giles to ensure quality and to pass on savings.

Don’t forget, you can replant the bulbs in your garden for next year. We also offer a £1 discount from your next hanging basket per empty hanging basket returned to us as long as it is in good condition and was bought from the farm.


As with all flower products, winter hanging baskets require deadheading every so often to keep them producing flowers. This will not only make the basket smarter but the energy lost from creating the seed will be used to produce more flowers. Winter Hanging Baskets are much easier to look after compared to their summer counterparts as the weather is wetter. We have also included slow release fertiliser so that maintenance is minimal!

Our Winter Hanging Baskets go on sale from October in our Polytunnel at the farm. We close shop around mid-November and only supply to our business and wholesale clients, however, we can arrange a viewing by appointment if needed. There is a hard standing car park close by so you do not need to worry about muddy feet. Please like our facebook page or subscribe to our newsletter to be kept updated on opening times and dates.

New for 2018

Our new team member Matt has been busy building Troughs/ Planters for our customers. So far they have proven very popular with our customers. Some of the designs even match our hanging baskets. We can also build them up while you wait so you can let us know what you would like in them.

We have added a few new varieties of plants to some of our designs. One exciting addition is trailing pansy ‘Cool Wave’. These beautiful Pansies offer light, delicate colours to the designs and have capabilities of trailing up to two feet!

Another new variety is ‘Pansy- Matrix’. These stunning pansies are relatively new but have proven very trendy in the UK. We are using 4 of the colours in some of our designs. Here are a few pictures:


Winter Pre Planted Hanging Basket with Spring Bulbs

12″ Hanging Basket (Rattan) £12.99

14″ Hanging Basket (Rattan) £16.99

16″ Hanging Basket (Rattan) £21.99

Trough/ Planters

£10 each

Our Designs feature some of a combination of the following plants and bulbs:


Dwarf Conifers-Various
Hedera- Gold, Green, Silver


Viola- Sorbet XP, Penny-Beaconsfield, Tiger Eye
Pansy- Matrix (Various Colours)
Primrose- Various Colours
Bellis- Tasso
Cyclamen- Various Colours

Spring Bulbs

Crocus- Angustifolius, Mixed Flowering, Flower Record, Prince Claus
Narcissus- Tete-a-tete, Minnow
Hyacinth- Sky Jacket, Gypsy Queen, City of Haarlem, Purple Sensation, Aiolos, Kronos