Our History

Cantosa Farm Strawberries in our greenhouse Cantosa Farm Greenhouse Cantosa Farm Cattle Cantosa Farm Ford Major Cantosa Farm LambingWe have been farming for generations with both English and Italian Heritage. Everything we produce is always to the highest of standards. Cantosa Farm has been run by our family for over 40 years. Initially, we reared sheep and cattle in the orchards but then moved to producing fruit and vegetables. Our produce was sold to major London wholesale markets and distributed throughout the UK. It was originally a Cherry Orchard containing many old-fashioned, full height, traditional Cherry and Plum Trees. Though they are at the end of their life, many of the original trees still remain today and produce fruit.

The farm in 2018

These days, the farm produces fruit, vegetables, hanging baskets and plants for both wholesale and retail customers in the local area and London.

Enjoying our work

Working outside with plants and animals really helps you appreciate this beautiful world. The seasons run like clockwork and are important to every living thing; Spring brings new life as seedlings appear and the blossom on the trees start to grow; summer brings sunshine, beautiful flowers and harvests of delicious fruit and vegetables straight from the field; Autumn brings colourful leaves as the trees begin to rest, rainy days rehydrate the soil; Winter is a time to relax a little, enjoy family time and catch up with machine maintenance and odd jobs around the farm. It is also a key time for farmers as the cold weather can decrease pest populations dramatically.

Perfect Design

Seeds are amazing in that they are a product of reproduction after their own kind. A small dry seed can contain so much information. It already knows how to send down a root, sprout a stem, grow leaves and turn in to something delicious to eat or something that looks and smells beautifully fragrant. This, of course, depends on the soil being good and weather conditions being right.