Hanging Baskets

Great Value Premium Hanging Baskets for sale in Chalfont St Giles, Buckinghamshire. Buy Hanging Baskets directly from the grower.

During the Summer months, usually from the beginning of May, we have our beautiful hanging baskets for sale. Our hanging baskets are unique and contain displays to cater for most tastes and budgets. They include slow-release fertiliser, water retention gel and professional grade compost as standard to ensure a long life. Our range of beautiful hanging baskets includes various Fuchsias, Begonias, Surfinias, Geraniums and other flowers in displays which are unique.

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Cantosa Farm Hanging Baskets for sale 2017

Cantosa Farm Trailing Petunia Damson Ripple


We are becoming well known for our great value and high standards which come from our ability to produce the baskets in-house. Our hanging baskets are built to a high standard using only professional products and great quality hanging basket plants from local nurseries. No expense is spared with our selection of flowers, choosing flowers which incur royalty charges from their breeders in order to create unique and impressive displays. We also serve wholesale and business customers too. All hanging baskets sold by us are built on our farm in Buckinghamshire. 

Alongside our great value premium hanging baskets for sale, we also produce bedding, vegetable plants, fruit plants and shrubs.

Taking up gardening as a hobby? We are more than happy to offer advice on taking care of plants and vegetables.

Cantosa Farm Fuchsia 2017

Cantosa Farm Petunia and Bacopa Young Hanging Basket

Our Range

– 12-16″ Hanging Basket
– 16-20″ Double Planted Hanging Basket
– Decorative Pots & Planters
– 6 Pack Bedding Plants
– Grow your own Vegetable Plants*
– Strawberry Plants

Refill Service


Please contact us for a quotation if you would like us to refill your existing hanging baskets or pots. They can be built to match a chosen colour scheme. Or you can let us worry about the designs for you.

Hanging Baskets Wholesale/ Business Customers

We are continuing to build a portfolio of wholesale and business customers, all of which return to us every year. Please contact us for wholesale hanging basket orders or if you would like us to design and build hanging baskets or pots for your business. We are able to build hanging baskets to any size or colour scheme required and to suit most budgets. Hanging baskets are available in 12″-20″ sizes although other designs and sizes are available to pre-order.

Winter Hanging Baskets

We also have winter hanging baskets for sale in the colder months in order to fill the gap between your Summer Baskets. Our winter hanging baskets are also built at the farm and are underplanted with Spring bulbs which will add a final burst of colour towards the end of the season.  We open for winter basket sales from October onwards so please check back!

 Cantosa Farm Young Hanging Baskets for sale Decorative          Cantosa Farm young hanging baskets for sale outside display

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