Christmas Trees on sale now!

Nordmann Fir Cantosa Farm

In case you haven’t already noticed, it is that time of year! Here at the farm we are in the festive mood and have opened our barn. We have turned on the Christmas lights and have Real Christmas Trees for sale. We have continued with our price freeze this year, therefore our trees are the same price as they have been for the past few years.

Our range of trees includes:

Nordmann Fir- Britain’s most popular, which has excellent needle retention.
Fraser Fir- a hard to come by variety which grows narrow and can fit easily in to a tight space and are sold on blocks so no need to buy a stand!
Norway Spruce- The Traditional Christmas Tree variety which has an excellent scent.

All trees were cut the week we opened. They are extremely fresh and are sourced from our long term local grower because his trees are the best around.

No artificial tree can compare to a real Christmas Tree. The smell, the ruggedness and the fun of choosing one with the family!

Opening Times

Daily from 9:00 until 18:00. Late night until 19:00 on Fridays.


Cantosa Farm, Narcot Lane, Chalfont St Giles, Buckinghamshire HP8 4DX

We are located half way down Narcot Lane opposite a kink in the road. There are signs on our hedge. Please drive down the long drive and keep going until you see our barn lit up

More Information

For more information please see our Christmas Tree page by clicking the below button. or keep up to date by liking our facebook page.

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Wishing all of our customers a very Merry Christmas!

Winter Hanging Baskets with Spring Bulbs now available

Our greenhouse is now open to the public and we have many Winter Hanging Baskets for sale!

The nights are getting longer and the days are getting colder! There have been a few touches of frost recently too.

If your Summer Hanging Basket is towards the end of its life why not replace it with one of our colorful, Winter Hanging Basket? We have many Winter hanging Baskets for sale with multiple designs available to choose from and all of them include Spring bulbs which will add a final burst of colour to your garden before the Summer Hanging Baskets are available.

Don’t forget: you can replant the bulbs in your garden for next year. We also offer a £1 discount from your next hanging basket per empty hanging basket returned to us as long as it is in good condition and was bought from the farm.

Taking care of your Winter Hanging Basket

Winter Hanging Baskets are much easier to look after because the winter months are generally a lot wetter, therefore watering doesn’t need to be as frequent.

Our hanging baskets contain a high dose of slow release fertiliser, making them as easy as possible to maintain.

Just water when the soil is dry and dead head to encourage further flowering is a good idea but not essential. Watch out for discolored leaves which could mean fungal disease due to the cold, wet weather. If you notice anything please spray with an appropriate fungicide from a DIY shop.

If you have any concerns or need advice I would be happy to help. You can contact me via Facebook or our website.

New for 2018

As well as having many Winter Hanging Baskets for sale we also create other products too. Our new team member Matt has been busy building Troughs/ Planters for our customers. So far they have proven very popular. Some of the designs match our hanging baskets. We can also build them up while you wait so you can let us know what you would like in them.

We have added a few new varieties of plants to some of our designs.

One exciting addition is trailing pansy ‘Cool Wave’. These beautiful Pansies offer light, delicate colours to the designs and have capabilities of trailing up to two feet!

Another new variety is ‘Pansy- Matrix’. These stunning pansies are relatively new but have proven very trendy in the UK. We are using 4 of the colours in some of our designs. Here are a few pictures:

Pansy- Matrix ‘Red Blotch’
‘Red Blotch’
Cantosa Farm Pansy Matrix Sunrise 2018
Pansy- Matrix 'Sangria'
Pansy- Matrix ‘Solar Flare’
‘Solar Flare’


Winter Hanging Baskets with Spring Bulbs

12″ Rattan £12.99

14″ Rattan £16.99

16″ Rattan £21.99

Trough/ Planters

£10 each

Pictures of our Winter Hanging Baskets this year

Here are a few pictures of some of this year’s designs:

Winter Hanging Baskets 2018 Cantosa Farm
14″ Winter Hanging Basket with Spring Bulbs 16.99
Cantosa Farm 14" Winter Hanging Basket 2018
16″ Winter Hanging Basket with Spring Bulbs 21.99
Winter Hanging Baskets 2018 Cantosa Farm
14″ Winter Hanging Basket with Spring Bulbs 16.99
Winter Hanging Basket 2018 Cantosa Farm
16″ Winter Hanging Basket with Spring Bulbs 21.99