12″ Winter Hanging Basket

12″ Winter Hanging Basket
with Spring Bulbs and slow release fertiliser

12" Winter Hanging Basket

As well as out 12″ Winter Hanging Basket, all of our beautiful hanging baskets are built to last as long as possible. We use a professional growing medium as a base and add the maximum dose of slow-release fertiliser so that the baskets get the best start and the best chance at their life cycle. The hanging baskets are then built here at the farm according to their designs so that we can be certain of quality.

12″ Hanging Basket- Contents

We use the following plants and bulbs when designing and building our 12″ winter hardy baskets. Please be aware that depending on the design of the individual basket it may or may not include everything listed:

Evergreen/ Shrub

  • Heather
  • Hedera (Ivy)


  • Viola
  • Pansy
  • Cyclamen- Verano
  • Bellis- Tasso


  • Species Mixed

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